The 6060 Difference

Our decades of experience related to insurance claims adjusting, cause and origin discovery, estimating, building and contracting give us a well balanced perspective in valuing and appraising an insurance loss. Whether hired as the insurance carrier’s appraiser, the policyholder’s appraiser or serving as the umpire, 6060 conducts appraisals competently and impartially. 

All 50 States

Each state has certain regulations, guidelines and case law related to appraisal; how it is conducted and the effectiveness of the outcome, so it is important to hire a company knowledgeable with your particular state.  6060 Appraisal Group has the experience and the resources to properly conduct an appraisal in any state.

The Appraisal Process


A Dispute Occurs

A dispute arises over the value and extent of the insured loss between carrier and insured.


Invocation of Appraisal

Either party demands appraisal based on the policy language. Each side will the pick and assign a competent and impartial appraiser to represent them during the appraisal. These appraisers will agree upon an umpire should they be unable to agree on the scope of the loss.


Appraisal Begins

The two appraisers will attempt to reach an agreement on all items disputed. The appraisal panel will inspect, review and debate the loss in an attempt to resolve the dispute. 


Invocation of Umpire

If the two appraisers are unable to agree on the scope, the umpire will be invoked to act as a third party to attempt to settle disputes.


Deliberations, Voting, and Decisions

Deliberations will occur along with reviewing all documents, photos, and evidence. Once disputes have been resolved, 2 out of 3 members of the panel must write up and sign their decision OR 3 out of 3 members will sign a Unanimous agreement.


Deliver Decision

The decision/award is then delivered to the carrier and the insured to trigger payment and enforcement of the award. The appraisal is completed.

Why Choose Us?

6060 Appraisal Group has the knowledge and experience to handle all appraisals.

6060 Appraisal Group believes in simplicity and openness. We strive to make sure you are thoroughly updated every step of the way, while remaining unbiased throughout the appraisal. 

With a recent rebuild of our communication platform, we have an open phone policy. A quick email or phone call and you will have an update almost instantly.

6060 Has a proven track record of fair and professional appraisals throughout our time as a business. References and community connections have allowed 6060 to become a leader in appraisals.

At 6060 Appraisal Group we have decades of experience and training in Xactimate, the most widely used cost estimating software for the insurance industry. Xactimate is a great tool, if used properly, to begin finding the appropriate amount of loss. 6060 also utilizes RS Means data, the world’s leader in construction cost data, with over 92,000 line items and 22,000 hours per year spent analyzing construction costs. Further, 6060 Appraisal Group evaluates costs in any given market by interviewing tradesmen, material suppliers and contractors to increase the accuracy of the cost associated with reconstruction after a loss. 

A trusted name, with a trusted team is what drives 6060 further into the upper levels of growth. As a business, we strive to educate, and inform every step of the way. 

A history of proven results, happy clients, and fair appraisals sets 6060 Appraisal Group apart as a paragon of appraisals. 

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